The stile


It exists!  The world’s most redundant yet sturdy stile lives a sedentary life in Neath!

Tee and I walked past this fine singular structure a few years ago, so funny as it is just… fence in sight!

Maybe the builder ran out of money, inclination or…just wood!

Or just forgot where they built the you think theres a fench somewhere with a stile shaped hole?

Whatever happened I just thought this solo stile needed friends!


Tread carefully


So I’m working hard in the garden something tee would be proud of..and a little taken aback.

Working on and building sweat in digging a stream into our hill to create a waterfall.. little behind by hmm couple of years.

Hence surprise from tee!

Given it’s a hot day I take a break, and while admiring my work I spotted a free loading snail hitching a ride on his mates back!

Like the speed of a snail the stream gets a pause as i’m distracted in finishing this blog.

Swapping the spade for knowledge, I dug out some facts..did you know snails keep their shell their whole life, which is usually 2 to 5 years and would take a month to walk a kilometre!

Wow, so please be careful where you tread..i wouldn’t want to live in a house with a broken roof my whole life!

Ok, stream here I come..treading carefully..


Here come the welsh


Had the pleasure of being part of the Italy v Wales game this year.

Was our first away game as fans and really enjoyed, great atmosphere.  Even if the charms of a rose armed local did try to whisk tee away.

She still has the rose!

The singing at the end of the game, fuelled by the tank topping turks, was awesome.  i managed to capture some on video.

I’m pretty sure they’ll be in fine singing form for the final in Dublin against Munster later.

Should be great atmosphere in Dublin tonight.

Good luck to Scarlets, long over due title in the balance..fair play been playing some great rugby.


Follow the rules


Picture from new York in 1940

This picture tickles me..skating in the face of danger. I thought ignoring safety was a modern day thing!

I’m hoping those people, maybe the parents, in the background were getting ready to move her away from danger!


Is Neath beneath?


I went out on a sunny Saturday afternoon, and spent an hour in Neath.

Within that hour I saw graffiti claiming this town to be sh😱t, to children singing to the public.

I witnessed unhappy people, happy, couples, families, people with money and people without.

People rushing, relaxing, arguing, kissing, shopping and sitting, talking and thinking.

Possibly the same interactions of people lucky to have the freedom of choice that exist in most countries.

To risk a cliché..we have the choice to shape the filters of our’s the choices we make that define our community…to take to graffiti or to sing a song.

Is neath sh😱t?

It’s been around a long time and seen ups and downs…Here’s to the ups..and the sound of our future singing!


My thought are with the families

Like everyone else I was shocked and saddened to hear of the events in Manchester, my heart and thoughts go out to all those who’ve lost loved ones.

The news referenced an 8 year old child as having lost her life, 8 years, it’s just so sad. 

One minute enjoying life, listening to music, living..Then next, gone.

We’re all human, whatever our beliefs, nothing should drive someone to take the life of another.  I just hope to a future where this is woven into the fabric of humanity.  

My thoughts are with all families who’ve lost loved ones to terrorism, past and present but hopefully not in the future.



Furry wonders!


Did some promotional video work for

Perfect name for her business as Tina absolutely loves animals..she will dodge traffic to rescue a stranded highway worm!


Bonnie is hungry


While Bonnie had plans for an early supper I had plans to start a blog..

I thought for a name..crucial..bit like fishing the ocean for the best much choice..

well my name is Glynn and this is a blog site..


So while Bonnie wandered off without a belly full of fish, I kicked off with my first too early…first blog…Hello!

No fish were hurt in the making of this blog!