Brixham Pirate Festival 2017


First time at the The Brixham Pirate Festival and really enjoyed.

People were up for a good laugh, and with an actual pirate ship at the dock I can see why the festival is popular.

They even had pirate pensioners!

Plenty of Johnny Depp lookalikes..Really walked the full plank on their outfits.

Wonder what Johnny would have thought of his many imitators!

As the families headed for safety, the pirates headed for rum!

Think there were to be quite a few hangovers the next day, with people making the most of the sun.


Tee and I are definitely going next year, and we’ll be in full pirate garb..Can’t wait.

There was one pirate who was getting most of the attention…Even if he did look like he was Shanghaied into the costume!

See you there in 2018?

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