Rest in peace Adam West

As a kid one of my favourite shows was batman..Fond memories of a beautifully created chaos of sound and colour

Before blu ray and 4k this show was a sensation to my senses..always waiting for the next punch to see if it’s a whamm or a kapow (personal favourite)

These days the world of batman is serious

And he’s angry and dark

Yet back in the day Adam West’s batman was the man..batman.

No seriousness or darkness..

..just proper 60’s kitsch..low budget with ‘interesting’ fight sequences..then who was fun..the moralistic and clean living batman that Adam portrayed was the juxtaposition of an insanely bonkers world of low cost anarchy the producers created

For all those memories I was saddened to read of Adam West’s passing, he played a tongue in cheek character that brought enjoyment to the masses

Rest in peace Adam West you brought humour to the world

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