My gills are sunburnt!

What is up with this weather!

It’s like me choosing from a menu, just can’t make my mind up..Do I go with the sun, the rain, the wind, the cold, the hot, how about muggy..I’ll have the sunshine burger with muggy mash..or maybe..hmm..
Yes, I know, the weather is a time honoured discussion of British tradition.

So I can’t help blog about it..

Although it has it’s uses.  It’s a classic back pocket topic to pull out when conversation becomes strained, and the doom of awkward silence approaches!

“isn’t the weather {ENTER WEATHER CONDITION HERE}”

“Yeah, it’s really {ENTER EMOTION HERE}”

“Hopefully it’ll last {ENTER DESIRED DURATION HERE}”


“Yes, ok see you again”


I guess global warming is to’s all gone covfefe..Although let’s not go there.

I’m learning not to take the sunshine for granted and aiming to reduce my carbon footprint.

Thankfully today is sunny and hot so I’ll be doing tip no5 in the garden..and remembering to tread carefully!

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