A lion stirred?

Game done in the first of three tests in the New Zealand v British & Ireland Lions.  What did you think?

I thought there were some great moments after weeks of pointed conversations against the Lions attacking ability.

Touch down in NZ for the lions

Not finishing opportunities blighted chances, with too many penalties ending any chances of a possible win.  This will weigh in on many post game conversations.

For all that, I felt proud of the boys, great try from O’Brien starting from Williams’ fantastic break.

Gutted Daly wasn’t able to smack down at the start, so close but certainly fired up the fans with early hopes of something special to happen.

With NZ then stepping up many gears with machine gun offloads my fear of a bad loss came in the second quarter, so it was reassuring to see the Lions gain confidence and start to break lines in the third quarter.

NZ had loads of sublime moments, Barrett’s sweet pick up was matched by Reed’s sublime offload that setup a try brilliantly finished by Ioane.  Enthralling stuff.

Overall, I’m an optimistic type, I feel more positive for a win next week than I did before todays game.

Well done boys, and to those travelling fans hats off to you for amazing support.

As for home support, in Briton Ferry it was fuelled by a free breakfast…Welsh style..!


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