Lovemanchester lovelondon

I watched the concert last night, loads of positive heart warming and togetherness moments. Yet my thoughts were also with those who lost loved ones in a senseless and hate driven act that's becoming all too frequent. When will it stop, we all keep writing words of sympathy in a world where some want … Continue reading Lovemanchester lovelondon

Love Rome

  Just uploaded a load of pictures to google drive and the drive created this photo animation..tickles me. Love the colleseium too. Tee and I went to Rome in February to watch the rugby..and to soak up the gorgeous sites. There was an awesome pre match band at the stadium.  Worth going just for them! If … Continue reading Love Rome

Five weeks of close scrutiny

  Great pictures of the lions tour landing in New Zealand. Those memories must be still fresh given it's only been three days, and already the boys have played 80 minutes of rugby. A thankful win even if it wasn't a classic! Makes me laugh how predictable the New Zealand press have been since the … Continue reading Five weeks of close scrutiny

Covfefe, it’s a conspiracy..

..a tweet suggesting he can't spell..   ..what gives.. ..suggesting he's a buffoon.. ...why would someone do that.. ..that lot.. ..him.. ..her.. ..them.. ..affects him not.. ..he's a top guy.. ..he's visited Israel and stuff.. ..and has great plans.. it the climate thing? ..he's doing it for the workers.. ..climate thing is all hot … Continue reading Covfefe, it’s a conspiracy..

Brixham Pirate Festival 2017

  First time at the The Brixham Pirate Festival and really enjoyed. People were up for a good laugh, and with an actual pirate ship at the dock I can see why the festival is popular. They even had pirate pensioners! Plenty of Johnny Depp lookalikes..Really walked the full plank on their outfits. Wonder what Johnny … Continue reading Brixham Pirate Festival 2017