Bullies, rubble and cwrt sart

cwrt sart is my former comprehensive school, I have a range of emotions from the place, happiness sadness and hurt.

It was recently bulldozed, broken, torn down brick by brick and crushed into small pieces..That was the hope of a younger glynn.

It’s become rubble, overgrown grass and lost memories..my comprehensive is no more.

Making way for a new school.
I didn’t have great memories of cwrt sart.   The victim of bullying was my curse.  Victim maybe but I probably didn’t help myself possibly.

I walked past my old school after the bulldozers had left..the grass was long where once it was short, the echoes of pounding feet in boots practicing rugby and cricket and other sports filled my thoughts.

Where once I got kicked in the face after being held down by some bullies, from not entering the school gates as was safer to go the long way round..where once I had a crack at tackling in a rugby game on the field and got smashed, where once, where once..it could go on.

These were some of the memories that flooded back while watching the stillness and overgrown grass that was my former school..funny I got hit and pushed around in a game of rugby but what happened on the rugby field was different to being bullied on the same ground..both were physical yet only one was cowardly.

I won’t stand for bullying as a man, I wish I could talk to the shy glynn from my youth and raise his confidence, talk to him about bullies and how they are the ones that are weak, who hide that fear by feeding on the innocence of others.

So it’s with a bit of sadness that I saw what looked a similar isolated face at the new school in Port Talbot, a boy sat on his own, looking away from the other kids, sitting in a corner..I wanted to pull my car over and go talk to him, maybe I should but we’re in a world where that’s not possible to do.  A 45 year old man talking to a 12 year old..

Tugs at my heart strings..bullying is still here..while cwrt sart is the past and ysgol be baglan the new, it is a shame that some behaviours from the past poison the present and likely not end.

Good bye cwrt sart, I walked away from my old school with it’s piles of rubble head high and with fonder memories of a once unhappy place.

I’m not sure what happened to those bullies but I hope they found a happiness they didn’t have back in school.





Remember this?

I saw a modern non battery powered milk float yesterday..didn’t think milk delivery still existed…

Aw, it takes me back to a time where the hum of the milk float along with the clinky click of the bottles was my alarm clock.

Sundays brought the smell of a roast dinner in every street, and milkmen brought our daily milk to every doorstep.

They were the hero’s of our breakfast, bringing our tea and cornflakes to life!

Both traditions are sort of lost with mcdonald’s replacing the sunday dinner and tesco ending the humble milk float..and don’t get me started on the corona van…mm dandelion and burdock..

For those who’s alarm clock was the (two half coconut shells knocking together) sound of a horse approaching..what would they have thought of the milk float.

Too modern and that din of a motor..horrible..possibly.

Embracing change can be hard.

Yet the good old milkman entered our slightly dodgy, and for the time, inappropriate culture.  Happy for that to end!

The modern way of total home delivery and convenience should remember it’s fathers and forefathers that ultimately brought the end to the milk float, and my favourite alarm clock.

So like the horse and cart, the float drifts into memory.

Yet happy memories they were..so heres to those champions of milk!

Thank you and long may you be in living memory!


And whatever form of milk delivery please be responsible with these udders, they are part of a living animal.



I saw this video on YouTube, quite funny and sums up my thoughts..


2 tries to 0


So many penalties..New Zealand and Williams seeing red..Kieran Reed looking bemused after the whistle..it’s enough to stretch a white cloud into a long one..

With two tries to nil can the boys make it two triumphs to win the series.

Yet all that was happening while I was at the beach with tee and these crazies!

We were taping the game which I prefer not to do as am bound to hear someone giving away the scores..thankfully no one did.

Although there did come a risk in Tesco but I defended it with two fingers in my ears and a low chant from my mouth while moving away quickly…must have been comical!

Back at the house with all devices off we finally watched the game..really feel for Sonny Bill Williams, the pre match interview with his soft voice was the opposite of the aggressive red carded shoulder charge that ended his game.

Those final 20 minutes were a brilliantly breathless game that I was so happy not to have had spoiled by the mouth in Tesco..

Wonder how rough the boys in the ferry will be after the game..

It’s been an interesting tour right from touch down!

Am sure I’m not the only one to think this was going to be the tour from hell..So it’s pleasing to watch the evolution of this galvanised team.

Spot on from warburton too after the whistle..

I’ll only be happy with a series win


So here’s to a cracking final where it’s all to play for…been a brilliant tour with some cracking moments and here’s to next week where I will be firmly on the sofa at 7.30 sharp..Sorry tee..