2 tries to 0


So many penalties..New Zealand and Williams seeing red..Kieran Reed looking bemused after the whistle..it’s enough to stretch a white cloud into a long one..

With two tries to nil can the boys make it two triumphs to win the series.

Yet all that was happening while I was at the beach with tee and these crazies!

We were taping the game which I prefer not to do as am bound to hear someone giving away the scores..thankfully no one did.

Although there did come a risk in Tesco but I defended it with two fingers in my ears and a low chant from my mouth while moving away quickly…must have been comical!

Back at the house with all devices off we finally watched the game..really feel for Sonny Bill Williams, the pre match interview with his soft voice was the opposite of the aggressive red carded shoulder charge that ended his game.

Those final 20 minutes were a brilliantly breathless game that I was so happy not to have had spoiled by the mouth in Tesco..

Wonder how rough the boys in the ferry will be after the game..

It’s been an interesting tour right from touch down!

Am sure I’m not the only one to think this was going to be the tour from hell..So it’s pleasing to watch the evolution of this galvanised team.

Spot on from warburton too after the whistle..

I’ll only be happy with a series win


So here’s to a cracking final where it’s all to play for…been a brilliant tour with some cracking moments and here’s to next week where I will be firmly on the sofa at 7.30 sharp..Sorry tee..


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