Stuff I couldn’t learn at school!

Like most, possibly I spent months ahead of exams pouring over books and past notes to hope for a good outcome, to get the marks needed. Algebra, economics and history to name a few.  I had pretty rubbish results. Certain private issues that I made public on another post here didn't help, yet that's not … Continue reading Stuff I couldn’t learn at school!

Rope swings

I was walking with tee and one of her clients, a beautiful husky called Boris.   Finally we have a lovely warm sunny day, so the three of us are making the most of the weather when I came across this. Ok it's not the best but the memories of proper rope swings was a … Continue reading Rope swings

My balloon fell on the moon

I can't recall where, but as a seven year old I'd been somewhere that earnt me a balloon. I was walking home with my mum, one hand in her hand and my other holding this balloon.  Best balloon in the world, its smooth silky like bobbing in the wind captivated me.  She danced as dusk … Continue reading My balloon fell on the moon

Dedication to a passion

People who avoid pubs, avoid late nights, eat the right foods, who get up ridiculously early to go and do their thing. Athletes. Like most I'm in awe of these amazing people who dedicate their lives to their passion, to their sport. I've watched the last couple of Olympics with tee and we're glued to … Continue reading Dedication to a passion

Bleak without broadband

Life without broadband sucks! Don't get me wrong there are way more important concerns in this world with hunger, homeless, terrorism, crazy presidents, the list goes on. Yet life without broadband sucks. I grew up in the seventies where learning came from libraries, ceefax and talking to people! Then along came this wonderful resource. Then … Continue reading Bleak without broadband

A prickle in time

Prickle I'm about to marry this beautiful woman Tina. I've never known anyone with such compassionate love towards animals, she truly is amazing. My first experience of this love was seeing her cross the street to pick up a worm in danger of pedestrian treading territory! She has a love and care of family too, … Continue reading A prickle in time

Bad bosses, stale bread and great coaches

We've all had them right? The boss who brings pain, anguish, frustration to a working life. They put pressure on the need to put bread on the table and preoccupies the mind when sleep should bring rest. Whether it's the deceiver, the faker, the out for themselvers, the lazy, the weak, the arrogant, the boss … Continue reading Bad bosses, stale bread and great coaches