Time to do..

Time goes faster as we get older, that’s what people say.

I remember as a child summer holidays were a vastness of fun and exploration where time was endless, now summer is a brief interlude into hoping the sun will appear whilst balancing work and the chores of a home and garden.

We bought a hot tub recently, Tina started a pet walking business we have a great time but feel there’s less of it than those halcyon days of my childhood and those long lazy summers.  How come?!

Time is a tick tocking teasing provocateur who creaps when mortality is realised to punish when we have a good time and torture us when the ‘day drags’.

I’m sat here now attempting and likely failing the perfect jiffy related daily story for WordPress, yet it strikes me that time is like juggling sand, the more you try the more the sand falls to the ground.

So for now I won’t waste this moment in time, I’ll put my tablet down and spend quality time and reflect on the grains of happy memories of my past for that’s all we can hope for.

The quicker the sand falls the more memories we want to capture and cherish.


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