A prickle in time


I’m about to marry this beautiful woman Tina.

I’ve never known anyone with such compassionate love towards animals, she truly is amazing.

My first experience of this love was seeing her cross the street to pick up a worm in danger of pedestrian treading territory!

She has a love and care of family too, always keen to put on parties with the aim of wanting people to have fun.

Yet all this was unknown to me when I first did a Facebook poke to her in 2008.  I think they changed the settings since then but at the time you could choose similar parameters to yourself.  Like age location etc.

So I was single and bored and had time on my hands.  I was trawling through the parameters, pictures of people my age my location etc etc.

Then stop the press.

This beautiful picture of a woman appeared on my screen.

Remember Facebook poking?  I was close to doing it but thought maybe not, so left it.

Her face kept in my mind for a while after, couple of months maybe.  I don’t know why but her face stayed with me.

It was Christmas 2008 and she had updated something on Facebook suggesting she was in a sad place.

So I ‘poked her’!

Conversations started, they matured over two months and we agreed to meet.  Boy I was nervous at that first meeting, I mean we met online, kind of before online dating was established!

It happened we would meet at the Wales Scotland game.  My brother sussed something was up as I was smartly dressed instead of my usual rugby shirt!

I met Tina after the game, it’s still vivid the thought of standing outside the ground, I had prickes of goosebumps!

Nervously waiting.

Will she show won’t she show!  And why are all these kilt wearing Scotsman flashing their wares!

I saw more of what I didn’t want to see in a lifetime!

Thankfully Tina did show and we left the ballsy flashing Scots to start a beautiful romance.

I can’t wait to marry her, those prickes are back as I’m closing out this post!

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