Solitary is a good word to explain how I feel about blogging.

When i tap the publish button I feel my blog, my thought, its message is in a solitary place.

Unviewed and unloved!

Like many, I spend hours trying to craft a perfect blog.  Except Lol  it’s the ‘daily one word’ blog of course!

For me, my blogs are about personal experience, views of life and poking fun on myself!

We all need to do the last bit more often in my view!

I’m new to this experience of sharing my thoughts and views with the world, so while there are countless bloggers with thought proking views, tips, ideas I feel even more naked towards my blog and the dread of solitude.

Bloggers and their blogs have at times touched my soul, moved my core and helped me to improve as a person and also at times increase my knowledge of a subject.

Except DIY, I’m just rubbish, im a tryer but if school games were based on DIY then I’d be the last picked, literally in solitude and rightly so!!

I salute the bloggers; the tryers, the changers and the downright brilliant who make the internet a lovely place to visit.

Long may you blog and I hope not in solitude.


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