Bleak without broadband

Life without broadband sucks!

Don’t get me wrong there are way more important concerns in this world with hunger, homeless, terrorism, crazy presidents, the list goes on.

Yet life without broadband sucks.

I grew up in the seventies where learning came from libraries, ceefax and talking to people!

Then along came this wonderful resource.


Then came high speed broadband and intelligent phones, chuck out the table greedy PC and get relaxed on the sofa with the world at the finger tips!

Our lives were changed!

When I first connected to the Internet way back in 1998, I remember the weird sound of the dial up modem bad-ing bad-ing, never heard such noises although closest was a gerbil!

I was in awe looking at some web pages in America.

Wow America, thats crazy, I could see information from a different country right from my desk!

Even typing these words now today (on a phone in the garden), I’m at a loss to explain what was so inspiring then about what is now an unthought of activity.   Less about the delivery and more about the end goal.

Maybe the same feelings were first had when television was first seen.  What, I don’t have to go to the cinema anymore?


The Web was pretty quiet back then, way before Google and Amazon and well, pretty much anything we now use in our everyday life today.

After I shut down my heavy looking white cladded computer I walked outside and looked up at the sky, I had the strangest feeling that I’ve been to a different country right from my little house in Fairford.

It’s hard to explain, looking up at the stars and the vastness of space that sort of made the connection between people on earth closer.

So now, without broadband my world felt isolated.  That walk to the library felt a long path..

Don’t get me wrong I still carried on, but without the convenience of grabbing my phone in the evening to do stuff was a pain.  It’s a different world in my own lifetime.

Who remembers all their friends phone numbers when we used to ‘dial’.

Thats just one!

After three weeks we got broadband back and I’m unashamedly happy for it.

Particularly as I’m sending this blog using my broadband from my phone in our garden.



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