Dedication to a passion

People who avoid pubs, avoid late nights, eat the right foods, who get up ridiculously early to go and do their thing.


Like most I’m in awe of these amazing people who dedicate their lives to their passion, to their sport.

I’ve watched the last couple of Olympics with tee and we’re glued to the screen, to sports we don’t normally watch but to see the achievement and the success of gold coming to these athletes has been a beautiful experience.

Equally for the losers and the really closers the emotion displayed is magnified by all those years of dedication of training. It’s something that leaves us speechless.

These people give their all for years, the early mornings and late nights, literally hours and hours of unseen dedication for a moment of potential.

I feel honoured to witness this dedication to watch the eyes and focus these people have to grab their dreams. Just a moment.

I pay Homage to all athletes, you inspire me to do more.

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