Stuff I couldn’t learn at school!

Like most, possibly I spent months ahead of exams pouring over books and past notes to hope for a good outcome, to get the marks needed.

Algebra, economics and history to name a few.  I had pretty rubbish results.

Certain private issues that I made public on another post here didn’t help, yet that’s not an excuse.

I loved wood work but didn’t have a knack, the flying propeller nose dived like my results!

Yet years later, I’m surprised by what I now remember and I suppose that’s because I’m interested and engaged.

There’s loads of non important, non world breaking, no newspaper front page stories of the things I memorise but it’s what makes me who I am and what makes us all a little unique.

We all have talents and passions, not all of them can fit into the conformity of a curriculum, so while as a child I felt I couldn’t learn Stuff, I guess the passion of my teachers  (not always in the right 70’s context) helped me in later life to seek a passion and follow it, to memorise a belief!

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