Time to applause

I’ve worked in some places where it feels the culture is to be critical, whether it’s a colleague, a process, the boss, stationary control even.

What on earth are they saying about me when my back is turned!

I’ve had colleagues stare at me in downright condemnation for being complimentary of a colleague who’s being verbally stoned.

I don’t mind if it’s based in fact, but I’d prefer if those colleagues who see more faults than San Andreas actually first looked at themselves, maybe the issue lies within, but if not then to look to improve the fault that’s tickling their critical hot spots.

I’m a peacekeeper not a hard challenger at positive change, both have success and failure.  Yet it’s important to keep pushing to make the world a happy and productive place.


I’m not perfect mind, there’s people who simply don’t want to change and certainly they are the ones I’m critical of.

I read somewhere that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile,  so I guess it’s the same with behaviours.  Should we treat others with a negative or positive behaviour, to strive forwards with applause or backwards with criticism.

As long as either is justly deserved.


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