First day back

What feels like a lifetime ago, it was on this day that I and most of my classmates, and those who came before and after us dreaded..the first day back at school, after a long lazy summer.

In a time when age was important, by confirming our age in quarters.

“No I’m not 12, I’m 12 and 1/4

Six weeks of rope swings and roaming, of hide and seek, and kids tv, it was all good.  And it was long.

It used to be a long hot lazy summer, a time when seasonal weather was guaranteed, then global warming stuck, and now gives us unpredictably barmy monsoon summers..but that’s for another blog.

New term, new uniform, new pencil case, new topics and new experiences.

We were ready, in our newness of everything (especially pencil case) to be educated.

Even if being partly distracted by the incoming neath fair that arrived two weeks after term started, we were ready to be educated.


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