After loss comes recluse, or does it?

I met the mother of my future bride in 2008, a lovely warm and generous person.

The only person she wasn’t generous to, was herself.  Tony was her husband, I liked him he was likeable, he loved Denise in his own way, he wasn’t one to shout his love from the rooftop.

Unfortunately he fell to dementia.

Before I knew him I was told of the sharpness of his mind, he memorised detail, enjoyed a good debate.

Certainly he had that when I met him, he still had that for a couple of years after but slowly quickly he went downhill.  I can’t imagine the terribleness that Tony suffered but also the dreadfullness that Denise had to cope with, and she coped with it long after others gave up.

She refused until the last, to give what she knew in his lucid moments he wanted, to be with her in their home.

In the end she was at physical breaking point and he went to a care home.  She was there every day.

The horribleness of dementia finally took him.

She retreated into herself, retiring any romantic notions of ever feeling for another again.  Denise had her children yes, but in her mind that was all.

After a few years a friend introduced her to Richard, a kind hearted true gentleman.

She was ready to run, believing well, in a way she had already retired any romantic notion so this was folly.

Could her heart be saved, could a light long blown cold be relit.

We all wanted it, her family, her friends and if there is one person deserving of happiness it is Denise.

I experienced a special day last Saturday, in fact the whole weekend was a moment in time that will stretch long into the future of my memories.

So thankfully, after a few ups and downs that he asked the question and she accepted.

My beautiful Tina, whos mother got married will be a special moment for both myself and all those close enough who know what Denise has suffered through the last number of years.
After a beautiful, intimate wedding they’re  sailing north to Norway, to see the lights.

I’m elevated to feel there can be a happy ending to what has been a terrible number of years for a woman who’s done no harm to the world.

I wish them all the happiness.

2 thoughts on “After loss comes recluse, or does it?

    1. I’m sorry to hear about your uncle Barbara and thanks for your comment. As you say a bright light and so deserved


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