A word we all dread to utter

Sympathy, not a word I used much in my younger years.  Unfortunately a word I’m starting to get accustomed to.

It’s a horrible simple word that gestures the knowledge and offering that someone or something has come to an end.

So much pain and loss this word has caused.  It’s a dreaded word.

Thankfully there are also words that bring light to darkness.

Joy, happiness, togetherness, family, friends, love.

Long may these words and the memories they bring distance that word we dread to utter.

It’s a cliche to say time is short, for me this weighs heavy when I’m giving my sympathy at a wake or learning of a terrible catastrophy or horrible terrorist atrocity.

Yet when back in work, faced with problems or the everyday hum drum of life, the realisation of how special and important life has to offer distances itself.

Still, it’s all life, time is inevitable but I hope the word sympathy stays a stranger for as long as possible.

4 thoughts on “A word we all dread to utter

      1. Hello, whilst I’m no expert, you asked and I’m responding.

        I certainly feel through your blogs that you’re in a sad place looking for hope. You had a gap in writing too so hopefully now you’ve started blogging again it will help release thoughts and shape positive direction.

        I noticed your ‘about me’ page is blank. Could be worthwhile putting commentary there, it gives depth of understanding of you to us.

        WordPress have a load of useful resources too, may be worth a read.

        Kind regards Glynn

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