Tentatively tangible

I’m certainly uncertain of this blog being a success, I thought of an idea but that went on hold, due to vagueness and sort of lacking a commitment to a plan.

At work I get infuriated with the tentative response to meetings, surely a yes or no is straightforward.  What’s so difficult, accept or decline!

It’s a simple thing.

Then, it struck.  It’s all relative, inviting someone to a meeting, to dinner, to conversation, to reading a blog is all down to time and their inclination to want.

I’m Tentative…a hold backer, a thought thinker.

I guess there’s a multitude of reasons for remaining tentative, but I guess it boils down to

What’s in it for me

For me, I’m the guy who hesitates at the deal, decides against the trip to the sale, over thinks the thought.  Yet like all thinkers at some point, we need to put the thinking into action otherwise thoughts are..thoughts..

I’m a dreamer, I have been since a child, but as I grow I realise dreaming can be disruptive to achieving something tangible.

So for this blog, I’ve achieved the challenge of creating something tangible with the word tentative, yet my dreams to do something more is intangible unlikely.









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