An enlightening conversation

Funny the things strangers say to each other to avoid an awkward silence. I kind of like it as sometimes with people we know our choice of subject or certain words need to be carefully chosen.

Yet with a stranger we have the freedom to say anything. Now and then that freedom does lead to unusual conversations.

I was leaving a pet shop in neath and in a rush found access to my car was blocked by an open door of the car next to mine. Someones rear was greeting me which i politely ignored.

The rears owner was attempting a pilates type stretch across the passenger seat to open the door for a nice older lady holding a fluorescent tube. We smiled politely at each other.

The rear was having some difficulty with the door, I considered offering help but the only thing I could talk to was the rear and thats not something I felt comfortable to do.

So the lady, her fluorescent tube and I remained quiet, we smiled again.

She, and for the sake of sense i’ll call the fluorescent holding lady flora and the faceless rear, rhian.

Flora appeared quite proud of her fluorescent tube, she was holding it like a jedi holds their lightsabre.

We smiled again.

With time getting on I considered what conversation to start. Classic one would be the weather, for us Brits theres no better back pocket silence saver as the topic of the weather.

I did wonder on something funny to say about rhians failing pilates.

Flora beat me to it.

Do you know where I can recycle this tube, says flora, we tried the pet store but they wouldnt take it

Ok i thought we have crazy on a saturday morning. Without a morning coffee to sharpen my mind I was feeling off guard. I should have jumped in with the weather.

Talking of which it started to rain, but thats a different blog.

Rhian was not giving up with her car pilates. Oh sorry, flora was still staring at me. It seemed a genuine question.

You could try the recycling centre, they wouldn’t recycle that at the pet store.

Yes thats what they said.

Best to recycle properly if they smash they explode.

I know dangerous.

Theres a recycling centre in briton ferry, do you know where that is. Do you want me to show rhian.

Whos rhian?

Sorry the lady in the car, the driver?

No its ok I’m from up the valleys.

Finally rhian completed her pilates move. The door was open and the seat was ready to be sat on by flora and her flipping fluorescent tube.

Flora continued

My friend is meeting me here he’s local so he can take me.

While rhian finally sat in the front seat, door closed I had access to my car and to my freedom.

One thing puzzled me after I said good byes and was driving away. Why was rhian taking ages to clear the front seat if floras friend was picking her up.

I hope the fluorescent tube finds a good home, and flora gets back to the valleys ok, she seemed very nice

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