The beast is here

As the beast spreads his icy cold claws across the UK, I’m left with a cold question.

I’ve seen people treating today like any other day, and others maybe a bit too erratic.

Poorly dressed teenagers.

Shelf stripping shoppers.

Busloads of OAPs being anything but.

The driver who throws caution to this siberian wind – it’s far from a dry summer’s day.

The personal joy of seeing kids delight at the sight of snow – and early school closure.

I’ve seen an array of reactions and inactions to the elements.

In our hotel room I’m watching an ongoing battle.

This stormy sea, toughened with the teeth of the beast – biting at a defiant shoreline. Relentless.

I’m sat here in the Isle of Wight with my beautiful Tee celebrating my birthday.

As the battle continues below, I wonder to the value of life.

The sea doesn’t value the shore, so why would someone reckless value their, or anyone else’s life.

Is the beast more than just the weather, is it within us all to some level.

I’m not one of the shelf stripping shoppers, nor a too cautious driver – neither am I perfect.

Who are you?

Anyway, it was just a cold question.

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