Wandering pet – worried or wistful?

A dilemma – seeing a stray dog on the street on my way to work.

I couldn’t leave the wagging tailed smiling staffie, he was too close to a dual carriageway.

Fast driving, unforgiving morning drivers and cute happy staffies don’t mix.

Personally, I’m not keen on a dog with a bigger jaw than me – but Stan I named him that – came running up licking my hand like there was no tomorrow.

So I was locked in.

I equalled the frown of the silly people frowning at Stan.

Yet Stan is a free spirit, and after trying but failing to get him to my car he was gone.

So my hope that I could get him to the vets to see if he was chipped was as gone – and so was Stan.

He seemed to be playful, and kept running and jumping at those who frowned the most -just like Stan

I hope he got home OK.

I was quick to jump at the owners lack of responsibility, but then the owner may be frantically looking for Stan or whatever his name is.

Unlike another time a few years ago when myself and my lovely Tee were heading to Swansea.

Our conversation halted when we saw a dog running down the middle of the dual carriageway.

Luckily it was early so there weren’t many cars on the road.

We pulled over and spent ages running up and down to catch the playful little monkey.

Thankfully we caught him and with the help of a passing policeman managed to track the owner.

We found out later that the owner said “oh he’s always doing that – running off”.

Our response isn’t publicisable.

So I hope Stan finds his way home and that his owner was a worried owner.


Not the irresponsible type – who should not be allowed to have the pleasure that pets bring.

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