Happy Easter – but..

Love the Easter break – but I’m always happy to move on as the egg jokes eventually get bad.

The desperate attempt at humour around linking egg to commonly known words is just bad and obvious.

It’s just silly in my mind.

It’s all eggcruciatingly bad, anyone doing the ‘shell sin’ will end with egg on their face.

I’m not yolking ok.

Seriously grow up, stop these terrible attempts at trying to deliver the most eggcellent yolk ok.

Hen-eway this is about a religious time when Jesus was reborn.

Do you think he would be a happy bunny that his rebirth ends up as egg yolks – what a load of eggcrement.

I hope not to oeuf-fend, but hope to cause a smile.

Chocolate eggs, kids over doing their delight of the dairy, day off work, time with family and friends, companies honing adverts on price reductions to sell stuff!

The traditional story of Jesus and his victory over death has a different meaning these days.

Some say that Easter didn’t always symbolise his resurrection but was originally a pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth.


Whether this is a celebration of:

Christ’s resurrection

Saxon goddess Eastre

Chocolate hogging kids

Time with family or friends

Or time out to just reflect and recharge

However and whatever you wish to celebrate – be safe and enjoy.

Happy Easter


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