Two words from my childhood mind’s desire – Sinclair C5

Growing up in the eighties, the Sinclair C5 was such a want of mine. The future, now. The dream of driving a futuristic car kept the tips of my fingers tingling with anticipation. The C5 could beat two on a trike - a memorable headline - it just stoked my fire. A cool white electrically … Continue reading Two words from my childhood mind’s desire – Sinclair C5


Spring has sprung!

I felt like a sleepy mole leaving his hole. Bleary-eyed, my mind struggled to understand the sensation on my skin, and the blinding light hitting my retinas. Wait, that really hot thing in the sky is, wait, the sun! Finally, spring is here. Goodbye dark rainy nights, the beast is back in the east. Hearty … Continue reading Spring has sprung!

Cutting talks

I love random unscripted conversations. So my hair was looking like I was wearing three hats - which was two months overdue a cut. I tried a different hairdresser to my usual barber. Closer to work so more convenient. They suggested a different style. A peaky blinder cut, different to my usual lazy spiky look. … Continue reading Cutting talks