Two words from my childhood mind’s desire – Sinclair C5

Growing up in the eighties, the Sinclair C5 was such a want of mine.

The future, now.

The dream of driving a futuristic car kept the tips of my fingers tingling with anticipation.

The C5 could beat two on a trike – a memorable headline – it just stoked my fire.

A cool white electrically charged plastic joy of mobility magic – and with a totally waterproof body cover. Clever.

Transport couldn’t get better, or cooler. Back then, this was a cool future of futuristic travel – today – who wouldn’t!

It wasn’t a time travelling Delorian or a Weird Science attempt at dating. But the C5 was a real slice of white plastic future that any early adopter could buy.

Looking at photos of C5 today questions the aspirations of a younger me.

What was i thinking!

But, on discovering an original C5 at a local museum I was excited.
I finally sat in the shell of my child’s desire – sitting low down in the hardened eggshell cocoon of the C5 I was chuffed to be finally in the driver’s seat.

Taste can take a back seat – damn the C5 is a one seater – taste can thumb a lift to somewhere else.

If it had been a working C5 and I was a kid again, then hell, I would have been in heaven!

Tee, I think, looked less impressed when she sat in the seat of the C5. But she attempted a smile to support me I think.

Her automobile taste stretches beyond mine. Now if the C5 had been a Pagani Zonder S Roadster – she was in!

The staff eventually asked me to leave 😜

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