84 and still purring – sometimes hissing

Bonnie is a batty cat. 17 years she has been on Earth. A cat famed with self-hiss syndrome – she has entertained.

I literally saw her hiss at her own tail. Her own tail!

Tina had her from a new born kitten along with the sadly departed Buster. This was way before I was on the scene.

I met Bonnie along with her sibling and the amazing Missie in 2008. Adorable Bonnie who loved a cwtch but only from humans, she always had a hiss to spare for the other cats. It’s safe to say that Bonnie isn’t too fussed with any furry felines.

Before I met her she already had travelled, upping her bag onto a stick and buggering off for two years.

Miraculously she reappeared as Tina was leaving Peterborough to return to Wales. It’s like Bonnie knew her ticket to ride was done.

Missie, an amazingly bonkers Persian who used to love teasing Bonce. Missie would often jump out when she least expected it and possibly the reason she went on a catty road trip.

But returning to the family was the best thing as she is here today with loving family and a new Missie lookalike Gypsie who Bonnie even gives her food up to.

No hissing and they’ve been seen sleeping next to each other. No Bonneto hiss.

Happy 17th Bonnie you gorgeous ball of fur. Enjoy the pawsecco!

Just take it easy!

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