My journey to work today

It is the little things that nark me lately – if they are little.

There are certainly more important things to be focusing on.

Unity on all the ‘isms, famine, homelessness, terrorism the sad list snakes on. Although focusing on the good stuff is equally important as it reminds us of our humanity.

I love to see people laughing, hear the purring of our cats, eat one of Tina’s awesome frittatas, smelling the scent of a summers day and hugging a random stranger when they least expect it.

Just kidding!

So today on my way to work I witnessed a series of really poor standards of human interaction.

If social interaction is the building blocks of society how can we tackle the bigger issues when it feels like those blocks have cracks in them?

  • No indicating intention on roundabouts
  • Cutting people off in mid conversation
  • Dropping litter with a bin close by
  • Attacking roundabouts at speed
  • Undertaking dangerously
  • Trolley barging in the supermarket
  • Crossing a road with oncoming cars without a care
  • No thank you for giving way
  • Using phones when driving
  • No thank you for opening a door

All things I guess most witness and in many cases worse. So, on the whole, my experiences today probably amount to that of a squirrel screaming in the woods.

Barely making a sound.

For one reason or another it gave me food for thought, how can we focus on the bigger things when our basic social structure feels broken.

Can we mend our social cracks by being more considerate in our actions – or inactions – instead of being a self-absorbed society?

Now don’t get me wrong I’m no saint and absolutely know I’ve done some of the things I listed, although I always hold a door open and always say thank you when a door is held open for me!

Here’s the thing, how about aiming to do or say something positive – these are some pointers based on my day today.

  • Start indicating, its addictive and helps others not to try and mind read
  • Try to listen more instead of waiting for a gap to have your say
  • Think of the world as your house – do you drop litter in your house?
  • Be romantic with roundabouts, take it easy don’t rush it.
  • Middle lane drivers, be more European, that slow lane loves attention
  • Trolleys are great but as a battering ram they’re not cool
  • Life is a gift why risk blindly crossing a road, seriously
  • I feel really good when I give my time and am thanked for it. Why not share that feeling and let the other driver through
  • Using phones when driving – 1.6 million accidents each year are caused by mobile phone usage – enough said
  • Open a doorway to a better world, take the time to say thank you when someone holds a door open. When I do it that brief moment of acknowledged appreciation is awesome

If we can start to appreciate and respect each other more then our society can become a solid platform and who knows what the possibilities could be.

Or are these just unread rainbow filtered words on a blog site.

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