While he doesn’t like blogs I hope Alex will allow a hall pass on this one.

I’ve worked with Alex for 4 months, I am new in my job and new to the industry, but Alex has years of experience and is generous with sharing that knowledge. Something I will always be appreciative for.  He gets me thinking.

This sums the man up for what little I know of him. I have known few who can store and recount facts and figures. He achieved a degree in history and could easily be a lecturer as he has the ability to explain anything easily.

He once went into detail on the laws of cricket and when asked how long he’s watched it, he said he doesn’t like the sport!

I was asked to write an obituary for social media and using his knowledge I found I’d used too many words. Generally, social media is short and punchy he explained, what you can read on a phone without scrolling too much.

He was right again, but sadly this blog is my obituary to Alex, a guy taken too early from those that knew him and at only the young age of 37. He passed suddenly last Saturday at home with his fiancée.

The saddest part of this is that they were due to have been married in a week’s time.

Our close-knit team are just winded and numb – confused and shocked by just how such a thing could happen. He was a key member of the team and will be sorely missed. Who knows what is around the corner but today is a reminder to love the things you love that extra bit more.

Ironically my last blog was about things that nark me, but my drive to and from work this week is full of perspective and the ‘narky’ stuff just isn’t that important.

Alex loved Christmas and owned a different Christmas outfit for each day of December.  His love of really bad films was a juxtaposition to his wide knowledge of history and politics.

He never took a grudge, was always the first to come up with the best pun.  He could always bring a different element to meetings, and would generally raise an angle that no one else had thought of.

And he loved a good selfie stick, there was a time when we had street food stalls on site as the canteen had to close for a month.  We thought it would be good to try and get some awareness that the stalls are onsite, so Alex had the idea to start a selfie pic campaign.   Take a selfie eating some food from one of the vendors and win a free meal.

We went to start the ball rolling and while I was shyly doing a selfie, there was Alex bold as brass with his selfie stick getting the best selfie shot!

A thoroughly lovely man, very unique and will be highly missed by everyone that had the pleasure of knowing him.  And is the case in work, where there have been floods of sympathy via emails and in person.

It show’s the mark of the man.  But my thoughts are mainly with his fiancée, I have no idea what the living hell she is in right now.

My heart and feelings go out to his parents, family and friends and especially his fiancée.

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