Those unexpected things

I love new experiences but some are so random that whoever you tell has that slight sparkle of skepticism in their eyes.

But here goes.

I stopped at Morrison’s on my way home to get some bits and pieces. The hot chicken counter had an offer on thighs so I picked them up to shred on my salad the following day.

I jumped back in my car opened the windows (yes wales does have hot dry lovely days) – overpowered by the smell I quickly munched on a thigh.

When done I wiped my fingers then looked up ready to turn the engine on and found myself eyeballing a cheeky eyed sea gull – nonchalantly abreast my bonnet staring right at me with the expression of ‘and where is my share’.

He must have smelt the chicken via the open window. I was so surprised that I didn’t think to take a picture.

And yes that glint of skepticism could increase.

The next day I thought I’d have a pre work jog. I’m in a team for the global challenge so literally every step counts.

Again the weather for my beloved wales was stunning. I turned some music on and started my run.

While listening to the beats I watched the traffic and must have witnessed a dozen crazy silly moves. Who risks an accident to get somewhere quicker – just leave earlier or accept that getting somewhere late is better than manslaughter.

Anyway I digress.

So on the return leg of my run I was feeling smugly satisfied that I had hit my target before I started work.

Lots of thoughts were running through my mind. Would I have the energy to see the day through. What shall we have for tea. What to watch tonight – and Sorry but repeating the same lyrics does not make a song it’s just lazy.

I was in my zone, just me and speeding cars on the road next to my lonely pavement.

Suddenly, and from nowhere someone tapped me on my head. It was so quick that it took a few seconds to register. All my thoughts of food, telly and terrible music lyrics disappeared. My mind focused on who the hell tapped me on my head.

My head snapped back to find no one there. But then in my peripheral there was a sea gull soaring up into the sky.

Did a seagull just high five my head?

I watched him as he circled and flew in for a second strike. I ducked but continued to jog. Maybe a little faster it has to be said.

Being aware of him this time I managed to dodge his cheeky high fiving head antics. He continued for another 3 or 4 swoops before giving up and flying off.

What was that about?!

The only benefit was that at least it slowed the traffic down to watch the great Glynn v Gull fly off.

That must have been a sight but again no pics or video evidence!

So that is a first, on and off I’ve jogged since I was 17 and that has never happened ever!

But it got me wondering, was that the same seagull exacting his revenge for not getting chicken the night previously.

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