Should I stay or should I go

In ’82 the clash sang about the decision to leave or stay. Sounded like a troubled relationship. Leave her (miss her), stay and have her (bags of troubles) – I’d have left personally. If the relationship isn’t harmonious it is just repeating noise.

And talking of noise my cross training workout was unexpectedly interrupted when the fire alarm burst into life at my local gym. My senses tingled with imminent impending danger like everyone else.

But not really.

Some had headphones plastered to their lobes so maybe they didn’t hear but the ears of others were free and clear to hear the alarm.

I was ready to swap my exercise to option: run like hell – advance level.

The wall of mirrors in front of me gave a display of sweat focused alarm oblivious gym monkeys – but while sweaty, I knew the importance of an alarm.

So altering The Clash lyrics I thought “why do they stay, I’ll bloody go.”

I walked calmly quickly and found sweatless staff talking. Must be ok I thought. There was a fault with the fire alarm they said.

It would have been nice for ‘cosy chatting staff’ to warn everyone but seeing as no one was fussed about alarms it was ok I guess.

Relieved that the only burn was an exercise one I returned to the cross trainer, passing those still in their zone and as oblivious of me passing as if the place was ablaze.

I would have rested their concern that the alarm was false and we’d all have a chance to sweat and not singe another day, but I didn’t, as like the alarm no one would have heard me – mute society!

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