Hot to trot – or not?

Pawsably the shortest of blogs but very important.

I’m not the fastest in the pack so this may be woofing obvious and the blog pointless but I’m not sure – I am seeing it still.

So in the UK it’s amazingly warm, hot even, holiday abroad hot. It is a rare sweltering treat. Tarmac is melting, tracks are buckling and some pet owners are walking their dogs.

Those padded feet are not made from Teflon! They are like ours and made from flesh and blood.

On good informed advice, if the back of your hand can’t take the tarmac heat for five seconds then neither can your pooches paws.

So during this unusually awesome sunshine take time to paws. Think bark to what I said and take the lead (or not) on the five second hand rule.

And if my whining is a dog’s dinner as you already knew this then you get a treat for being an awesome owner!

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