Hopeless without movement?

I sometimes forget how blessed I am to have the ability to move. I think most people would say the same, it’s something we take for granted.

I am reminded of that gift while I am bed bound, having temporarily lost the freedom of movement.

So there I was, leaving work after a long but positive week. I drive up to the security gate. The electrics of my window are not working, so I had to open the door to badge out.

Not good when a gust of wind wants to give the car door a left hook! Instincts led me to reach out to stop the door smacking the security post.


My lower back gets a sledge hammer thud of pain.

I knew straight away that I’d done some damage. I drove home carefully. The pain didn’t seem too bad at the time, but I thought something was up.

Wrong time to have that happen as the weekend was about painting our new utility room.

And that was me, watching my already battled and bruised pet walking tee, painting and finishing the utility room over the weekend.

I felt hopeless not having the full range of motions, but it made me feel embarrassed to be frustrated as hopefully this is a short term disability.

Unlike those incredible people with permanent disabilities.

This world is tough enough, but having a physical or a mental impairment and still facing off – is incredibly humbling.

It’s humbling as I bump my gums over not being able to do something, while others who can never do something, do.

I just wanted to share my thoughts.


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