Number 5 is alive

I haven’t watched 80’s classic Short Circuit for years.

Tee and I thought we’d have an 80’s night and everyone’s favourite 80’s robot who ‘is alive’ following an electrical storm reprised my youth when he appeared on the screen.

Ally Sheedy, Steve Gutenberg and Steve’s helpful Indian sidekick Ben all brought back youthful memories from the 80’s.

Long before robotics were real and when acting and special effects were wooden, this film still stands as a cute slice of 80’s pie.

That was until I did my favourite ‘read up on imdb’. Learning some of the fun facts about how they did the effects. The fast reading page turning scenes was done with low cost air blowers. Clever!

But things turned sour when I found out the loveable Indian sidekick actor turned out to be the white American actor Fisher Stevens.

Not Indian in the slightest. So it left me with a sadly unpleasant taste in my eyes. Was it racist, the character wasn’t being mocked but the actor hammed up an Indian stereotypical accent.

It didn’t dent our love of 80’s films but just mad what some movie makers thought was ok!

We stayed away from the beastiality that was Howard the Duck!

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