“It is proof that the fabric of this society is not torn”

That was the comment from Mohammed Mahmoud the imam from the Finsbury Park mosque where further hatred led to unnecessary murder of human life.

A father of four decided to drive to London to kill because of hatred of Muslims..in other words to kill fellow human beings.

My sadness for the loss of more people to hatred as that’s what this is..pure misguided hatred..is lifted by Mohammed in how he reacted to the situation and his comments made once this evil man was passed to officials

“We managed to surround him and to protect him from any harm. We stopped all forms of attack and abuse towards him that were coming from every angle.j

“We pushed people away from him until he was safely taken by police into custody.”

“It wasn’t me alone; there were a group of brothers … who were calm and collected and managed to calm people down and to extinguish any flames of anger or mob rule that would have taken charge had this group of mature brothers not stepped in.”

Excerpt from The Independent

Mohammed for me, made a key point

“It was touching our non-Muslim neighbours woke us up this morning to give us their support,” he said. “It is proof that the fabric of this society is not torn, but that we have to continue to keep the fabric of society, and this community of London, intact.”

If we choose a well trodden path of hate then our future will be muddied by the footprints of the past

There is a lot of justification for hate and revenge in history, so many crimes and wrongs not put right

Eye for an eye?  At what point will our future have no eyes to see

When do we change, and move forward.  We need to join together to isolate those who would kill

My thoughts are with the man murdered, and those those hurt by a hateful crime.


Is blood always thicker than water?


This is the proverb which suggests family relationships and loyalty are stronger than that of friends, but I question this after reading what happened in Serbia last weekend.

Welsh fans donated blood to a local Serbian who was shot in the stomach during clashes between rival fans from Partizan and Red Star ahead of the Serbia play Wales game.

Neither family nor friend, and with no loyalty to this stranger they still donated blood, hundreds of fans apparently.  Why?

One football match with two different behaviours and outcomes.  One action led to someone being hurt, and one led to someone being saved.

I recalled the positive displays of the Welsh fans at the European cup last year, winning plaudits for their behaviour.

Wales’ army of fans in France have been honoured by European football chiefs after the ‘Red Wall’ was hailed as making an outstanding contribution to Euro 2016.

The official review of the summer tournament has seen Uefa top brass opt to commend Wales’ fans with an award for their passion and behaviour that spread through France and won admirers across the world.


Makes me feel proud to be welsh knowing how we (mostly!) conduct ourselves in the world.

The donation for me was more than just giving much needed blood.  It symbolised what having the right behaviour can do.

Do you raise your arm with a gun, or raise your arm to give blood.

It’s not about family or friends, it’s about doing the right thing at the right time that will bring us all together.

From reading social media Welsh football fans have gained a lot of new Serbian friends.

My hat off to all those who donated.

(I still prefer rugby mind..)

Rest in peace Adam West

As a kid one of my favourite shows was batman..Fond memories of a beautifully created chaos of sound and colour

Before blu ray and 4k this show was a sensation to my senses..always waiting for the next punch to see if it’s a whamm or a kapow (personal favourite)

These days the world of batman is serious

And he’s angry and dark

Yet back in the day Adam West’s batman was the man..batman.

No seriousness or darkness..

..just proper 60’s kitsch..low budget with ‘interesting’ fight sequences..then who cares..it was fun..the moralistic and clean living batman that Adam portrayed was the juxtaposition of an insanely bonkers world of low cost anarchy the producers created

For all those memories I was saddened to read of Adam West’s passing, he played a tongue in cheek character that brought enjoyment to the masses

Rest in peace Adam West you brought humour to the world

Lovemanchester lovelondon

I watched the concert last night, loads of positive heart warming and togetherness moments.

Yet my thoughts were also with those who lost loved ones in London..in a senseless and hate driven act that’s becoming all too frequent.

When will it stop, we all keep writing words of sympathy in a world where some want to kill innocents because they live a different life.

We all want to do something that others may disagree with..but as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone then we should have a safe freedom to continue it.

My thought are with the families

Like everyone else I was shocked and saddened to hear of the events in Manchester, my heart and thoughts go out to all those who’ve lost loved ones.

The news referenced an 8 year old child as having lost her life, 8 years, it’s just so sad. 

One minute enjoying life, listening to music, living..Then next, gone.

We’re all human, whatever our beliefs, nothing should drive someone to take the life of another.  I just hope to a future where this is woven into the fabric of humanity.  

My thoughts are with all families who’ve lost loved ones to terrorism, past and present but hopefully not in the future.