Dedication to a passion

People who avoid pubs, avoid late nights, eat the right foods, who get up ridiculously early to go and do their thing. Athletes. Like most I'm in awe of these amazing people who dedicate their lives to their passion, to their sport. I've watched the last couple of Olympics with tee and we're glued to … Continue reading Dedication to a passion

2 tries to 0

  So many penalties..New Zealand and Williams seeing red..Kieran Reed looking bemused after the's enough to stretch a white cloud into a long one.. With two tries to nil can the boys make it two triumphs to win the series. Yet all that was happening while I was at the beach with tee and … Continue reading 2 tries to 0

A lion stirred?

Game done in the first of three tests in the New Zealand v British & Ireland Lions.  What did you think? I thought there were some great moments after weeks of pointed conversations against the Lions attacking ability. Touch down in NZ for the lions Not finishing opportunities blighted chances, with too many penalties ending … Continue reading A lion stirred?

Is blood always thicker than water?

  This is the proverb which suggests family relationships and loyalty are stronger than that of friends, but I question this after reading what happened in Serbia last weekend. Welsh fans donated blood to a local Serbian who was shot in the stomach during clashes between rival fans from Partizan and Red Star ahead of … Continue reading Is blood always thicker than water?

Love Rome

  Just uploaded a load of pictures to google drive and the drive created this photo animation..tickles me. Love the colleseium too. Tee and I went to Rome in February to watch the¬†rugby..and to soak up the gorgeous sites. There was an awesome pre match band at the stadium. ¬†Worth going just for them! If … Continue reading Love Rome

Five weeks of close scrutiny

  Great pictures of the lions tour landing in New Zealand. Those memories must be still fresh given it's only been three days, and already the boys have played 80 minutes of rugby. A thankful win even if it wasn't a classic! Makes me laugh how predictable the New Zealand press have been since the … Continue reading Five weeks of close scrutiny