Firstly, hello, and thank you for visiting my blog page.

My aim is to create a warm hot tub type cosiness environment…using words, pictures and videos to wrap around you to massage away the hectic and busy world with non offensive humour, observations and maybe the occasional rant..I’m only human..

Why should I keep visiting?

Umm, hot tub type cosiness is addictive…Hopefully!

And what’s so different from other funny blog sites?

You know what, I don’t know right now..We’re all on a journey so my path may change in the style and content of these blogs..but its backbone will always have humour.

Even the occasional rants..!

So what do you want from me?

If you read or watch something you like, or find funny please share..Or if you don’t then tell me, I’m approachable!

Hope you have fun and enjoy


Done a million times..but when in piza it has to be done!

One thought on “About me!

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