Covfefe, it’s a conspiracy..

..a tweet suggesting he can't spell..   ..what gives.. ..suggesting he's a buffoon.. ...why would someone do that.. ..that lot.. ..him.. ..her.. ..them.. ..affects him not.. ..he's a top guy.. ..he's visited Israel and stuff.. ..and has great plans.. it the climate thing? ..he's doing it for the workers.. ..climate thing is all hot … Continue reading Covfefe, it’s a conspiracy..


Brixham Pirate Festival 2017

  First time at the The Brixham Pirate Festival and really enjoyed. People were up for a good laugh, and with an actual pirate ship at the dock I can see why the festival is popular. They even had pirate pensioners! Plenty of Johnny Depp lookalikes..Really walked the full plank on their outfits. Wonder what Johnny … Continue reading Brixham Pirate Festival 2017

The stile

  It exists!  The world's most redundant yet sturdy stile lives a sedentary life in Neath! Tee and I walked past this fine singular structure a few years ago, so funny as it is fence in sight! Maybe the builder ran out of money, inclination or...just wood! Or just forgot where they built the … Continue reading The stile